$19.99 One Day Sale on National Crabmeat Day!

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That’s right – In honor of National Crabmeat Day, all day Wednesday, March 9, Venezuelan HPP jumbo lump will be on sale for $19.99 per pound. The first time it’s been under $20 in over two years! There is no limit on the amount you can purchase, so make sure to buy heavily on Wednesday because it will go back up to $20.95 on Thursday.

You can put a 4 ounce all jumbo lump crabcake on a plate for only $5 at this price level! Last July, the same crabcake would have been $15 to put on a plate. With over 1.4 million tons of crab consumed worldwide, it is no wonder why this sweet protein gets its own national day of recognition.

Prices are subject to change.