Fish on the Move

Mahi – Like the Atlantic salmon, stupid pre Mother’s Day pricing caused a change in buying “behavior” and a crash this week. Fillets are almost in the single digits again. Local Soft Crabs – With the Carolina run over, the market moved up again, waiting for Maryland to come on strong. Local Fluke – Most […]

Be Careful What you Wish for – Atlantic Salmon Market Crash

In the two weeks leading up to Mother’s Day, Atlantic salmon producers worldwide were almost giddy with excitement. Panic buying had set in, and whole fish prices were breaking records daily. But do you know what the “cure” for high-priced salmon is? High prices, of course! You see, when salmon prices go up and up […]

Skyrocketing Costs Make This Summer Swordfishing A Very Big Gamble

The North Atlantic swordfish is what we call a “highly migratory species”. In other words, they spend the winters off Puerto Rico and in the Gulf of Mexico, and then in the spring, they start their migration to Canada. They travel using the Gulfstream, arrive in late May or early June, and stay through October […]

Down we go Again

Venezuelan jumbo lump dropped again below the $20 mark this week. The price of fresh HPP Venezuelan jumbo lump was only able to stay above $20 for just two weeks. Yes, there is still quite a bit of volume being shipped from Maracaibo each week, but this year feels much different than last spring. What […]

Soft Crabs Trying to Shed but Winter Won’t Let Go

Six straight days of blustery northern winds and cool temperatures last week have thrown a big wrench into what used to be a reliable first run of soft crabs. North Carolina’s first run is about over before it even got going strong. Up here in Maryland, we are hoping the larger peelers start to show […]

Fish on the Move

Atlantic Salmon – The meteoric rise of Atlantic salmon prices finally took a breather this week. Some whole fish prices actually declined for the first time since Lent began. Live Soft Shell Crabs – Prices are falling this week to $4.50 each or less for jumbos – primes are $2.25 each. Local Jumbo Rock – […]

Venezuelan Jumbo Finally Crests the $20 Mark

After months of trying, the price of Venezuelan jumbo barely crept over the $20 mark last week. But it took a logistical log jam to starve the market of meat and force prices up. Last week, shipments of flowers for Mother’s Day headed to the US, effectively blocking any Venezuelan meat from getting to Miami […]

Searching for a Price That Sells

From snow crab, to pasteurized Indonesian crab, to domestic crab, producers are finding it painful to sell volume coming off a year (2021) of record-breaking prices in each category. Snow Crab – About 50% of the quota has been caught off Atlantic Canada. The market seems to have hit bottom with 8 up clusters selling […]

Live Lobster Prices Take Another Leg Lower

With almost 2 million pounds of live lobster a day coming ashore across the Canadian Maritime provinces, the processors, not the live trade, are “driving the bus” in determining what to pay for raw material (live lobster). The demand for CK & TCK is still robust, and inventories are low, but lobster tail inventories of […]

Live Soft Crabs Become Much More Affordable

The peeler runs in Carolina are well past their peak, but the lower Chesapeake Bay is cranking up the volume. With Mother’s Day behind us, prices are dropping fast. This is an excellent two-week stretch to put them on special. Availability is excellent, and the market is falling. Figure jumbos at $4.50 each or less […]