Fish on The Move

Fish on The Move

Oysters- Reach out to your sales rep for our extensive farmed and wild shell oysters list. We feature all kinds from local Bay and “seaside” (salty), Massachusetts, Maine, Canada, West Coast oysters, and even some from Alaska! Big Beautiful Swordfish- This week, we have the highest quality domestic fish at the lowest prices (under $10/lb). […]

The Gindara Sablefish

Gindara Sablefish

If you are searching for a clean, flavor-filled fish that will have your customers coming back for more, keep reading. Gindara Sablefish are raised in the oceanic waters of Kyuquout Sound, British Columbia. Gindara’s locally-owned farm works in partnership with the Kyuquot-Checleseht First Nations to raise premium fish whose quality and taste are a result […]

Domestic Scallop Prices Due to Increase Over The Next Few Weeks

Domestic Scallop

As predicted, we are starting to see an increase in the pricing of domestic scallops. Daily auction reports show that less and less mid-sized scallops (10/20) are being caught. As we have mentioned in previous issues of this newsletter, quotas have been cut over 50% from prior years, and most of the boats have met […]

Oyster Season is Upon Us

Oyster Season

(Harris Seafood’s watermen catching our wild Chesapeake Bay medium oysters) With this being the last week of September, wild oyster season in the Chesapeake Bay starts in just one week. Thousands of watermen and their crews will go oystering five days a week from October 1 to April 1, 2023. Millions of dollars of revenue […]

Winds of Change Signal A Change in Seasons

Change in Season

When the north winds blow cold like they did last Friday, it is Mother Nature’s way of telling everyone in the animal kingdom that “winter is coming”. Both on land and at sea, animals and fish change their behavior from their summertime routines. Many species start feeding heavily now in order to soon migrate to […]

Wild Rockfish Are Finally Back

Wild Rockfish

With summer officially over and the arrival of much cooler Fall weather, the local wild rockfish has “gone ashore” and started trapping in the pound-nets. These are not entanglement nets. These nets trap the fish alive. If you travel the Bay, you will notice what looks like a long 200-yard backyard fence in the water […]

Seafood Commodities Trying to Find Fair Value

Seafood Commodities

The U.S. economy, since 2008 at the beginning of the Great Recession, has been “propped up” or supported (use whatever term you like) by a very active Federal Reserve Bank. In 2008 the Federal Reserve started a policy known as “Quantitative Easing”. Quantitative easing (Q.E.) is a form of monetary policy in which a central […]

Too Many Swordfish & Not Enough Buyers


Every year after the resorts start to close and the kids return to school, business begins to slow, and at the same time, the swordfish in the North Atlantic get very hungry before their long migration south. It is a shame because these fish are in primo condition. They are fat and delicious, but because […]

Hurricane Fiona Blows up Fishing All Over The Caribbean

Hurricane Fiona

Seafood commodities are just like oil commodities in that there are pipelines in which the fish travel to their respective markets worldwide. When times are good, the fish are caught, flown into Miami, and distributed throughout the U.S. market. But when a storm like Hurricane Fiona rolls through Puerto Rico and onto the Dominican Republic, […]

Wild Local Oyster Season Starts in 11 Days

Local Oyster Season

Our local watermen begin their oyster season on public oyster bars on October 1. Last year they harvested a record-breaking 555,000 bushels of wild Chesapeake Bay oysters between October 1 and March 30. Many watermen caught their daily limit of 12 bushels every day of the season, most of the time by 10 am. Much […]