Fish on the Move

royal sea bass

Local Fluke – This is the best value in white meat fish by far. Local Black Bass – A handful of these fish should be available this week, with prices rebounding. Yellowfin Tuna – Supply is increasing as more boats return to fishing, making prices more reasonable. Black Grouper – These fish are in short […]

Lake Maracaibo Crabs Disappear

venz Crabmeat

As the holiday season comes to a close and the hustle and bustle of daily life resumes, one vital $64,000 element remains missing from the equation: blue crabs. These crustaceans have seemingly disappeared from a large portion of Lake Maracaibo, leaving local plants struggling for raw materials and prices skyrocketing. But where have these blue […]

Time To Start Thinking About Your Valentines Menu Options

Lobster Tail

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and while the holiday may be all about love and affection, it’s also a time when lobster products become a hot commodity. While the live market may be pricey, with prices currently over $10 a pound on CQ, it’s less exorbitant than in previous years. Lobster halves can […]

Local Fish Don’t Stand a Chance Against This Apex Predator

Blue Catfish

This video (click here for video) captures the devastating impact of blue catfish on local native species in the Chesapeake Bay. The sucking sound heard in the video is the result of millions of blue cats consuming baitfish and wiping out local populations. The estimated biomass of blue cats in the Chesapeake Bay is approaching […]

The Finest Quality Bay Scallops on the Market

Nantucket bay scallops

At Congressional, we pride ourselves in providing chefs with the kind of seafood delicacies that simply can’t be found anywhere else. The Nantucket Bay scallops we buy are hand-harvested by local fishermen in the pristine waters of Nantucket Bay. The scallops are shucked, and Fed Ex’d to our door the very next day. The sweet […]

This Week in Fish


Local Fluke – These fish are at an extreme value. Well under $9/lb. Local Wild Rock – This week, we are at almost “giveaway” pricing. Fish are being caught over the entire length of the Chesapeake Bay. Please sell sell sell while prices are low. Local Oyster Gallons – Prices dropped 10% last week! Local […]

Chilean Sea Bass Market Starting to Come to Grips with Reality

Chilean Sea Bass

One fish that has remained stubbornly expensive through 2022 is the Chilean Sea Bass. Skinless fillets were almost $30 a pound all last year. But that party is over, and the price pendulum is swinging the other way. We dropped 10% this week to $26.95/lb. That is still expensive, but we are headed in the […]

Fresh Nantucket Bay Scallop Price Crash

Nantucket bay scallops

Yes. The recession of 2023 has even come ashore in the wealthy enclave of Nantucket, Massachusetts. We get freshly caught, hand-shucked Nantucket bay scallops directly from the fishermen, shipped overnight. They used to be $50/lb, but now you can own them for only $32/lb! Pre-order from your sales rep today. This is a deal that […]

Fresh Venz Crab Meat Producers “Paying The Price”

Crab Cake

As fresh jumbo lump crab meat production comes back online from Lake Maracaibo, there is only one thing missing, Customers. When the Venezuelan crab meat producers ran the price up $7 a pound one week in mid-December, people stopped using jumbo lump almost immediately. They didn’t think then about how slow January always is, and […]

January Lobster Market Update from Downeast Specialty Products

Live Lobster

What amazes us is that the supply (volume) of processed lobster products (tails & meat) coming into the U.S. dropped 40% in 2022 (vs 2021), and, at the same time, prices declined by 40%! Logic would dictate that should not happen. But it did. However, the market has bottomed, and we are bouncing off that […]