Mother’s Day Seafood Menu

Crab Cake

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to showcase exceptional dishes that are as economical as they are exquisite. Here are some top picks from our seafood offerings that promise to enhance your holiday menu without compromising your budget. Fresh Jumbo Lump Crabmeat Offering great value this week, our fresh HPP Venezuelan jumbo lump crabmeat is […]

Why is Gefilte Fish Eaten During Passover?


As Passover begins today, many Jewish families will include gefilte fish in their Seder meals. This traditional dish, whose name literally means “stuffed fish” in Yiddish, is especially popular during Jewish festivals, including Passover. Composition of Gefilte Fish Gefilte fish is typically made from a minced mixture of white fish such as carp, pike, or […]

Waiting on North Carolina Peelers to Start Next Soft Crab Run

Soft Shell Crab

Picture an immature female peeler showing outward signs that she is about to shed her shell. Notice the red tint on her apron. She also has a red ring on her paddler fin. Targeting peelers is a completely separate activity from the crabbers who target hard crabs with traditional crab pots baited with fish (menhaden). […]

Whiplash in Halibut Market


You can break your neck watching the price of halibut swing to extremes. Two weeks ago, we were selling fillets for less than $18 per pound. Last week, they jumped to well over $20. Now, this week, we are back to under $18 a pound. The good news is that when the boats can get […]

Live Soft Crabs Should Begin any Day Now

Soft Crabs

No, not here in the Chesapeake Bay, but way down south on the St. John’s River in Florida, the crabs are getting ready for their first shed. It takes a lot of nerve to buy these first soft crabs of the year because the price is so high it will take your breath away. Soon […]

Last Two Weeks of Cheap Rockfish Prices


In recent weeks, we’ve been fortunate to have some exceptional quality, cheap local jumbo rockfish from Virginia. During the last two weeks of March, most fishermen in Virginia are getting ready to go crabbing. Many of them still have their annual allotment of rockfish tags to use up, and this coincides with a huge rush […]

From Snakehead to Dragonfish to Channa


Albert Einstein’s observation that repeating the same actions while expecting different results defines insanity. This concept comes to mind with the recent proposal by a Maryland senator to rename the invasive northern snakehead fish to “Chesapeake channa” for menus and fish market displays. The objective behind this rebranding effort is to transform the public’s perception […]

The Poor Man’s Lobster


It’s the perfect time to explore diverse seafood options, and monkfish from Point Judith, RI, is a standout choice. Often dubbed the “poor man’s lobster,” this fish offers a rich and meaty taste that’s both delicious and wallet-friendly, especially with a price point below $8/lb (item code 770715). Despite its less-than-glamorous appearance, monkfish wins big […]

Maximize Your Lenten Season Sales: Sustainable Seafood Options and Eco-Friendly Dining

Sustainable Seafood

As Lent approaches, the seafood industry braces for a significant uptick in demand, with the National Restaurant Association reporting a staggering 20% increase in seafood sales during this sacred season. This period offers a unique opportunity for restaurants and seafood wholesalers to capitalize on the heightened interest in seafood, especially on Fridays when many individuals […]