1. LOCAL CAROLINA BLUEFIN TUNA BONANZA – GIANT BLUEFINS in the 500 lb. category have showed up in a big way 35 miles east of Oregon Inlet off the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Our very own Exec VP, Tim Sughrue was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to accompany Capt. Jimmy Hahn of the F/V Allison on his expedition this past weekend.  They fished right alongside the F/V Tuna.com boat where they were filming an episode of “Wicked Tuna” on Sunday. These powerful and beautiful animals have some fat and #1 color.  Congressional Seafood is buying the fish that Tim helped catch… A 500 lb. fish with some fat and #1 color. This fish dressed out at 400 lbs. and each loin will weigh approximately 70 pounds! This is a great Valentine’s item! Below is a picture of the tail cut. Check out that color! 


According to studies by NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, the current rate of sea level rise is .13 inches (3.4 millimeters) per year. That means HALF of Dorchester County Maryland will be GONE before the turn of the next century (2100). The picture above left is today – the picture above right is what Dorchester County will look like with one foot of sea level rise. It’s no secret the world’s glaciers are melting at a worrying rate. In the last 25 years, sea levels have risen 2.8 inches. Scientists have concluded that it’s not just warmer air that’s wearing the glaciers down. They found that warm ocean water is flowing under these massive sheets of ice in Greenland, causing them to melt faster. Mass loss from Greenland’s ice sheet is currently the single largest driver of sea level rise globally, and that one sheet (Greenland’s) alone holds enough water to RAISE GLOBAL SEA LEVELS 24 FEET! Currently, it’s melting seven times faster than it was in 1992. 

3. VALENTINE’S DAY SPECIAL OYSTERS – Show your Valentine your true love with CUPID’S ARROW (item code #600425) oysters grown in the Damariscotta River outside of Walpole, Maine. If one oyster is not enough to satisfy her, then offer our Valentine PLEASURE POINTS (item code #600255) from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Those are in addition to our normal 30 plus types of oysters from all over the country. You know what they say about oysters and love! 

4. CANADIAN DAY BOAT HALIBUT AT VERY DEPRESSED PRICING – Through a combination of factors, day-boat Nova Scotia Wild Halibut are an incredible value rarely seen at this price point all year. The fish are between 50 – 85 lbs. each and yield a nice, thick fillet.  This is another great Valentine’s menu option! 

5. OTHER WHITE MEAT FISH OPTIONS –  LOCAL CHESAPEAKE WILD ROCK & LOCAL VIRGINIA SUMMER FLOUNDER are undervalued to the extreme this week.  Hand cut local jumbo fluke fillets are under $10 and hand-cut, local Wild 5/8 Rock Fillets are under $12/lb.! There are almost too many choices this week!

7. PLANT BASED TUNA COMPANY PROHIBITED FROM EXHIBITING AT THE BOSTON SEAFOOD SHOW – In a sign of the coming battle, plant based seafood protein manufacturers are zeroing in on the seafood industry as ripe for the taking. But the promoters of the Boston Seafood Show are not letting them display at the 2020 show in mid-March.

8. THERE IS NO GLOBAL WARMING?! FAKE NEWS?! –  Oh, by the way, it was 65 degrees in ANTARCTICA ON FRIDAY!! WARMEST TEMPERATURE EVER RECORDED THERE! What that means to the seafood industry is soon to be realized. All of the ocean’s creatures will have to adapt to the “new normal”. Fish that are typically found in warmer, Southern waters are suddenly showing up in the North. Sea birds are starving and dying by the thousands because the fish they feed on are no longer available to them. What this all means is beyond our expertise but as Bob Dylan so famously said, “The times they are a changin'”!

9. CORONAVIRUS WREAKING HAVOC WITH THE LIVE LOBSTER MARKET – Canadian lobster dealers are coming to grips with the fact that the hundreds of thousands of pounds of live lobsters that were supposed to be sold to China but are still in Canada, have to go somewhere. And that somewhere is the US market. Live prices are plummeting.

10. VENZ JUMBO FINALLY UNDER $20 PER POUND – Even with all the hurdles they have to jump in order to get product into the US, they are still managing to ship enough meat that exceeds the demand – hence falling prices. 

Valentine’s Day has always been a great holiday for restaurants! We are here for all your seafood needs. Our expert sales staff are at the ready for your phone calls. Please feel free to contact us anytime for any information. Have a great week and a Happy (and busy!) Valentine’s Weekend! 

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