1. CALM WINDS HELPING FISHERMEN GET BACK TO WORK – With the absence of any major cold fronts coming down from the arctic, remarkably calm weather, for this time of year, has beset the entire Atlantic seaboard and throughout most of the Gulf of Mexico. This will help fishermen of all kinds, (lobstermen, oystermen, scallopers, snapper boats, grouper boats, rockfishermen, just to name a few) harvest product for the upcoming busiest day of the year, New Year’s Eve.

2. PLENTY OF FRESH CRABMEAT – No shortage of Venezuelan HPP fresh crabmeat for NYE as feared. The picking plants on Lake Maracaibo are closed now and will resume picking sometime in the first week of January. We also have LOCAL nitrogen frozen Maryland jumbo lump and lump as well as pasteurized Maryland crabmeat.

3. LOCAL SWORDFISH FROM OC! On Monday Capt Jimmy Hahn went 50   

miles east out of west Ocean City Maryland into the Baltimore Canyon, and caught some beautiful local swordfish drifting in about 1200 feet of water. Can’t get any fresher than that!

3.  LOCAL HOOK & LINE JUMBO BLACK SEA BASS – These fish are so fresh they still have the blue green streak on the top of their backs! Packed in Chincoteague, Virginia these fish are roughly between 3-5 lb. each! 

4. LOCAL CHESAPEAKE BAY WILD ROCKFISH — Our local fishermen out of Tighlman Island, Maryland are finishing up their quota allotment for 2019. January 1 starts their new quota for 2020. We will have all three sizes available (2/4, 5/8 & 8up) for NYE. Fish quality is outstanding because they are swimming today and in your kitchen tomorrow!

5. TUNA, SWORD & MAHI – Plenty of great quality fish for this weekend and NYE — Mahi are still a great value and under $10/lb.

6. BLACK GROUPER & RED SNAPPER — We have plenty of beautiful large black grouper for this weekend and for NYE. AMERICAN RED SNAPPER boats are unloading tomorrow and will be up here in time (Sunday night) for Monday delivery to you. We should also have in stock 3/4-1 lb. & 1-2 lb. Vermillion snappers (bee-liners) for those of you wanting to serve a whole fish. Contact your sales rep ASAP if you are interested in snapper for NYE.

7. LOTS & LOTS OF BEAUTIFUL NORWEGIAN HALIBUT – We feel this would be our first choice for a NYE fish special! These fish are so incredibly fresh they barely bend at all. You can’t go wrong with this fish! 

8. BRONZINO, DORADE, & ROYAL BASS – This very popular trio of Mediterranean farmed fish are in stock and waiting for your order! We carry butterfly cut bronzino for serving a stuffed whole fish too! 

9. LOCAL FLOUNDER – These jumbo fluke are packed in Hampton, Virginia and are BIG! Whole “doormats” are running 4 to even as big as 8 lbs. each! Fillet price is very reasonable also. These fish are all so fresh they can be served raw or cooked. 

10. LIVE LOBSTER – Our tanks are full of lively lobsters of all sizes from both Canada and Maine! Live lobster has become the quintessential celebratory seafood! If you have the need for any large lobsters (4-10 lbs.), please let us know and we’ll bring them in for you. 

11. CAVIAR CAVIAR EVERYWHERE — We have what you need in caviar! We carry a full line of different varieties with prices from as low as under $10/ounce to as high as $60/ounce.  Whether you’re looking for Russian style Osetra, paddlefish, hackleback, trout roe, salmon roe or even tobiko (flying fish roe) we have it all! We also carry some specialty items like seaweed salad, botarga and Japanese BBQ sauce. You don’t need a gourmet products vendor – we have it all! 

12. JUMBO SEA SCALLOPS – Want an impressive item for your New Year’s menu? How about U/8 domestic Sea Scallops?! U/8 means there are 8 or less scallops in a pound! If it’s “Wow Factor” you’re looking for, this is for you! Caught in New Bedford, MA these scallops are hand-picked and packed in 8 lb. gallons. 

Communication is always the key to a successful business relationship! Let us know your menu needs this week so we can have time to bring in all the different items you’re looking for! Our sales staff and operations teams are all working around the clock to fill all your orders…we always appreciate a heads up on any special requests! Let’s make these final days of 2019 great ones! On behalf of all of us here at Congressional Seafood we thank you for another year of support and loyalty! Here’s to a new year filled with success, happiness and lots and lots of seafood! Cheers! 

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