Massachusetts Rock – Fishing started last week. Beautiful fish in stock.
Local Rockfish – 2/4 and 5/8 sized fish available from the Chesapeake Bay. We are struggling to find a lot of these fish as the porpoises in the Bay are eating them before we can.
Local Crabmeat – Maryland prices stay consistent.
Local Fluke – Not many available. Fish are from VA.
Swordfish – A lot of beautiful fish from Brazil. Prices are staying consistent.
Tuna – Super red Carolina Big Eyes are in stock.
Albacore – 5/6 sized loins from Brazil. Beautiful fish.
Caribbean Red Snapper – 6/10s will be in this week. Great quality.
Queen Snapper – Gorgeous fish from the South Atlantic.
Chesapeake Dragon Fish – Pretty fish going out below $9 a pound.
Domestic Wahoo – Great quality fish from Florida.
Grey Tile – Dayboat fish from Carolina is available for Wednesday. 8/10-sized fish.


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