The Week in Seafood: January 20, 2020

1. ATLANTIC SALMON MARKET WAY SHORT OF FISH AND RISING FAST – A warehouse collapse and missed harvests due to weather has the salmon market in a tizzy. EXPECT DOUBLE DIGIT PRICE INCREASES. The global shortage of Atlantic salmon is the consequence of several factors. The normal surge in holiday demand combined with a constriction of supply did not improve in […]

This Week in Seafood: January 13, 2020

THEY CAUGHT SO MANY FRESH SHRIMP LAST WEEK IN NORTH CAROLINA, THEY TOLD THE BOATS TO STOP! In a scenario that seems to be the “new normal” now in winter in Carolina (because of climate change), some of the highest shrimp catches of the year now come in January. In the “good ole’ days” not […]

This week in Seafood: January 6, 2020

1. LOOK FORWARD-LOOK BACKWARDS – As we enter the next decade, it behooves us to take stock and look back to where we (collectively the seafood industry) were at the start of the last decade and compare to where we are now. In 2010, seafood certifications, like the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) and Monterrey Bay, were still […]

New Year’s Eve Seafood Update

1. CALM WINDS HELPING FISHERMEN GET BACK TO WORK – With the absence of any major cold fronts coming down from the arctic, remarkably calm weather, for this time of year, has beset the entire Atlantic seaboard and throughout most of the Gulf of Mexico. This will help fishermen of all kinds, (lobstermen, oystermen, scallopers, snapper boats, […]

New Year’s Schedule

NEW YEAR’S SCHEDULEPlease take note of our hours of operation over the next few days as we slow down to celebrate and enjoy the New Year. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your sales representative.NEW YEAR’S EVE / Tuesday, December 31REGULAR BUSINESS HOURS!NEW YEAR’S DAY / Wednesday, January 1CLOSEDWe will be open […]

This Week in Seafood: December 23, 2019

 “REDFISH BOOM” CAUSES NOVA SCOTIA POWER COMPANY TO SPEND $14.5 M ON BURYING CABLES AT SEA – The “Redfish” (also known as Ocean Perch) population off Nova Scotia has made a huge comeback recently after years of slashed quotas and even a moratorium. The redfish are in an area that Nova Scotia Power just put […]

This Week in Seafood: December 9, 2019

T1. VENZ CRABMEAT REMAINS AN EXTREME VALUE – Production out of Lake Maracaibo continues to flood the market and keep fresh jumbo lump prices depressed – Currently they are $6/lb UNDER pasteurized Indonesian jumbo lump prices.  Fresh Ven Superlump and fresh Ven lump are similarly discounted. Take advantage of the “below market” pricing and promote […]

This Week in Seafood: December 2, 2019

1. WHAT ARE YOUR FISH OPTIONS AS DECEMBER BUSINESS PICKS UP WITH HOLIDAY PARTIES? Here are a few items to look forward to:  Farm raised: – NORWEGIAN HALIBUT – farmed in Norway, harvested twice a week, and flown directly to Dulles airport in Virginia, you won’t believe how fresh these fish are. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND these fish […]

This Week in Seafood: November 18, 2019

US DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE DECLARES GULF OYSTER FISHERY A DISASTER – First in 2005 it was Hurricane Katrina. Then in 2010 there was the BP Horizon oil spill. This year the Mississippi River was in flood stage a record 123 days in a row.  In September, the US DOC determined that Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi […]