Wanchese Fish Co. – Fluke, Summer Flounder


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Suffolk, VA, Wanchese, NC

Bottom Trawl

Wanchese Fish Co

Fluke, Summer Flounder


Watching Captain Brian Peede unload his doormat flukes is a thing of beauty.  You can see the excitement in his face, like a kid on Christmas morning, watching the white bellied, sushi grade fluke roll out of Poseidon’s fish hold.  The Poseidon is one of the many boats that work the Eastern Seaboard from North Carolina to Massachusetts catching sustainable fluke.  Fluke is a type of flounder that is highly prized for its lean, sweet, white meat.  The larger fish are called doormats due to the fact that the flat fish resemble large mats when on the bottom of the ocean.  The fluke population has been successfully managed since 1993 and is considered rebuilt and the fishing rate at sustainable levels.  The fish in front of you was caught using a bottom trawl, which causes little damage to sandy bottoms where the fluke are found.  Seafood buyer Tim Sughrue has seen Japanese buyers with fists full of cash paying top dollar for sashimi grade fluke at the docks, but luckily for you this beautiful fish has made it to your plate so that you can enjoy it’s firm, light meat and delicate flavor.


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