Viking Village (NJ), Greg Abrams (FL) – Golden Tilefish


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Barnegut Light, NJ and Panama City, FL


Viking Village (NJ), Greg Abrams (FL)

Golden Tilefish


Golden tilefish are found from Maine to the Gulf of Mexico and can easily be identified by their colorful, iridescent blue-green back and bright yellow spots.  Also known as “the clown of the sea,” Golden tilefish were discovered off of Nantucket in 1879 and have been a viable commercial species since.  In the 1980’s and 1990’s there were issues with some of the Atlantic stocks, but as of now all domestic fisheries are at sustainable levels.  The fish you are looking at was caught by longline in deep water where golden tile like to feed on shrimp and crab.  Viking Village in Barnegut Light, NJ was once known as “the tilefish capital of the world” due to the fact that two tilefish pioneers, Captains John Larson Jr. and Lou Puskas, purchased the company in 1975 and made tilefish a company focus.   Greg Abrams Seafood, famous for beautiful line-caught American red snapper, prides itself on running a traceable, sustainable operation and offers golden tilefish that is sustainably caught out of the Gulf of Mexico.  Tilefish meat is succulent, firm, and shellfish sweet, proving that the adage, “you are what you eat” also works with fish.  According to NOAA and the FDA there is no evidence of high mercury levels existing in golden tilefish that is harvested out of the Mid-Atlantic, a fact that gets lost in most tilefish conversations.




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