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Not all tilapia are created equal.  In fact, comparing tilapia farmed in Ecuador versus tilapia farmed in China is like comparing a great burgundy and cooking wine.  It matters where fish are farmed and how they’re farming it.  Tropical Aquaculture is partnered with 11 tilapia farms located in Ecuador, Colombia, and Brazil and ensures that all operations adhere to the industry’s strictest standards.  There are two types of farming techniques that are implemented by the company: a land-based pond system and ecologically protective cages in artificial reservoirs.  A mix of fresh mountain steam water and ocean water are utilized to produce tilapia that is succulent and sweet, separating Tropical tilapia from other brands.   Tropical also provides fish with ample space to grow, having low densities, each pond is more like a natural environment with the absence of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, growth hormones, and antibiotics during production.   Tropical Tilapia is also the first “green rated” tilapia from Central and South America.  The rating comes from the Seafood Watch – Seafood Guide published by the Monterrey Bay Aquarium.  The tilapia in front of you comes filleted and ready to cook and has a mild, sweet flavor and is very versatile when it comes to  cooking preparations.




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