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Palm Beach Florida

Longline, Handline

Dayboat Seafood



It’s time to set the story straight; the Atlantic Swordfish fishery is sustainable and the Atlantic Handline fishery is considered one of the greenest fisheries operating.  This story begins and ends with the efforts of people like Howard Bubis and Scott Taylor, lifetime anglers who in 2006 started Dayboat Seafood.  They started Dayboat Seafood with the goal to “always do the right thing,” and since it’s founding the company has been supplying fresh swordfish with a focus on quality and sustainability.  This MSC certified swordfish is caught off of the Atlantic side of Florida and each fish is traceable to the captain and vessel that caught it.  Ninety five percent of Dayboat’s independent boat owners are small commercial fishing families, people who care about what is at stake and have a vested interest in the health of our oceans.  The domestic swordfish in front of you is never frozen and always fresh.  The flavor is mild and delectable, the texture is dense but yielding, and the aroma suggests hints of a properly cured steak.


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