Kool Ice, Chester River Seafood – Striped Bass/Rockfish


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Tillman Island, Rock Hall, MD

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Kool Ice, Chester River Seafood

Striped Bass/Rockfish


North of Maryland they’re stripers.  South of the Mason-Dixon they’re called rockfish.  Marine biologist Tim Sugrue will tell you they are delicious by any name.  It’s interesting to note that the beautiful fish you are looking at was once so abundant in the Chesapeake Bay that it was used as fertilizer.  What a waste of great local fare.  Misuse caused stocks to collapse during the 1980’s, but intelligent management of the species has led to a complete turnaround and today the fishery is a sustainable one.  Striped Bass are managed by an Interstate Fishery Management Plan, which includes state-by-state quotas, size limits, gear restrictions, seasonal closures, and by-catch monitoring in order to protect the species.  The fish have come back and that’s good news especially for local fishermen such as Robert Coleman, nicknamed termite.  He captains the boat Marsan, which is named after his mother in law.  Word is, he’s one of the hardest men on the Bay.  Your fish could also be from Chris Lingerman, the captain of Walking Tall or Bill Riehl, nicknamed Eel, captain of the Majestic.  These men take great care to ensure fish are dropped off to wholesalers such as Cool Ice and Chester River Seafood in pristine condition, just hours out of the water.  The same high quality fish hits your plate not even days removed from their boats.  The sweet tasting rockfish is indicative of the Chesapeake.  It’s local fare, caught by real men, with real passion, and big personalities.


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