Skrei – Atlantic Cod


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Lofoten, Norway

Hand Line, Long Line, Danish Seine


Atlantic Cod


“Skrei” is the Norwegian word for “adult cod” and if you are eating in the right places, you might start seeing more and more of this fish.  Every year between January and April the Norwegian coastline is inundated with millions of large cod undertaking their long journey home in order to spawn.  It is a sight that most New Englanders would weep at, seeing how this migration is a page out of history for the decimated stocks on our own coast.  Norway has found a way though, through diligent management and strict guidelines, to maintain healthy cod stocks while harvesting some of the largest and best tasting fish.  The ‘spawner’ in front of you is harvested from Norwegian waters by hand line, long line, or Danish seine with little by-catch.  After spending 5 years of their life in the frigid waters of the Barents Sea, skrei return to the Norwegian coast and make a journey similar to our native Pacific Salmon.  Skrei cod is usually found in Europe’s high-end restaurants due to its lean meat, thick steaks, and distinct, delicious flavor.  Skrei cod arrive to us just days out of the water, still in rigor, and each fish is usually around 15 lbs, a monster by U.S. standards.


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