Sea Fresh – Squid


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Point Judith, Rhode Island


Sea Fresh



What happens when you operate your own docks, production facilities, and have a fishing fleet of over 30 vessels?  Well, then you can pretty much guarantee quality through all phases of the product chain, and that’s exactly what Sea Fresh offers.  Sea Fresh catches, cleans, and ships its fresh and frozen squid from the North Atlantic year round.  The squid, often referred to as ‘calamari’ on restaurant menus nationwide, gets chilled at sea in icy saltwater, and cleaned and packed by hand at Sea Fresh’s facilities when landed.  Sea Fresh retains the quality and integrity of fresh squid by never adding chemicals or fillers to their process.  This ensures that you are getting the best and most natural flavor possible.  There are many squid producers out there, making ‘calamari’ a regular menu item across the United States.  However, there is nothing common about the quality and freshness you get when you order Sea Fresh.