Carolina Mountain Trout – Rainbow Trout


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Andrews, North Carolina


Carolina Mountain Trout

Rainbow Trout


Debbie and Howard Brown started a trout feed company in 1981.  In 1987 they began raising trout for commercial production, utilizing the natural resources around them and ensuring that those areas remain pristine.   A Virginia Tech Grad, Debbie is still enthused after all these years to explain why her trout taste so good; it’s the water.  The trout are grown in raceways that are fed by natural mountain water flow.  The waste is vacuumed and then collected for making fertilizer.  After testing and filtering the water is then transferred back into the natural environment.  The raceways replicate a natural environment for the trout and the entire system goes through rigorous tests daily to ensure that the trout and water remain in a healthy, balanced stasis. The feed ratio for trout is around 1:1 and farmed trout are one of the more sustainable seafood choices.  Carolina Mountain trout have a nutty flavor with a natural buttery richness and contain healthy omega oils that are great for the heart.


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