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Mediterranean Sea, Greece





Bronzini are one of the most important species farmed in the Mediterranean today due to their scarce availability in the wild.  Bronzino, the singular form, is a European sea bass that is native to the Eastern Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea.  In Greek they are known as lavraki, meaning “the clever one”, and since farming took off in the 1980’s these bass have adorned diner’s plates in white tablecloth restaurants worldwide.  Nireus is one of the largest producers of bronzini and they control production from the juvenile stage to harvest.  The fish are raised in open nets in the crystal calm waters of Greece and each grow-out area is rotated to allow the environment to recuperate.  The environment is monitored continuously and no genetically modified materials are used to raise the fish.  The feed comprises of fish meals that come from the remains of processed fish that was intended for human consumption and in the past five years the percentage of fish meals used has been reduced by 40%.  The bronzino in front of you offers a delectable protein rich in omega-3s and healthy vitamins.  Farmed fish are harvested to order to ensure freshness and each fish can be traced back to the harvest location of the farm.  The meat is light, flaky, and mildly sweet.


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