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Hog Island Bay, VA


H.M. Terry Company



Famed writer and oyster enthusiast Rowan Jacobsen claims Sewansecott Oysters are the best oysters that come out of Virginia.  World-renowned Grand Central Oyster Bar in New York and Hog Island Oyster Bar in San Francisco feature Sewansecotts on their menus daily.  The Terry family has put themselves and their oysters in some heady company, and after working the pristine waters of eastern VA for over 100 years, they deserve all the accolades that come their way.  H.M. Terry came to the Eastern Shore in the late 1800’s to grow oysters.  In 1903 the family established the Sewansecott brand, and since then they have been dedicated to growing high quality oysters that accentuate the natural saltiness and rich buttery flavor of Eastern Shore Virginia.  Sewansecotts are also sold as Virginia Hog Islands due to the fact that they are grown in Hog Island Bay.  This area is located within an 80-mile chain of undeveloped barrier islands of the Virginia Coast Reserve and is protected as a United Nations Biosphere Reserve.  The Terry family is dedicated to producing the most sustainable and delicious oysters possible.  So slurp away at the oysters in front of you, guiltless and assured that you are enjoying some of the best that Virginia has to offer.


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