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Wanchese, NC

Long Line, Hook and Line

Etheridge Seafood

Mahi Mahi


Mahi Mahi means “very strong” in Hawaiian and when you get a full grown ‘bull’ on the line it’s easy to see why.  A bull is what they call the large males when they develop bulging foreheads as a sign of maturity and mating prowess.  Every spring these colorful fish make their way up the Eastern Coast feeding on squid and small fish.  Etheridge Seafood fishes for them about 40-60 miles off of the coast of Wanchese, NC with day-boats and short trip boats using squid for bait.  The fish are gutted and stored in a fresh ice slush and delivered by a fleet that includes such monikers as Wendy Gale and Misbehaven.  When you ask Hoss, a salesman for the company and long time fisherman, how sales are going his answer is simple: “good when we have the fish.”  There is no better mahi than the ones that are caught right off of the coast of the U.S., but the demand far outweighs the supply.  Countries in Central and South America supply the majority of the mahi in the U.S., but every spring there’s a migration that happens and a lot of fishing occurs in a very short window of time.  Companies like Etheridge will ply their trade for a few weeks until the fish move eastward past the Gulf Stream, and after that it’s back to sword, tuna, and tile fishing.  For now though, take advantage of the some of the best mahi you will find all year, that’s Hoss’s recommendation as well as ours.


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