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Gulf of Mexico


Dominick’s Seafood, Texas Supreme, Premier

Gulf Shrimp


Shrimp come in all sizes and prices and from all around the world.  They are farmed and wild caught, and if you are shopping at the wrong place you could end up paying for a shrimp that has been treated with additives and chemicals.  Lucky for you the specimen you are looking at is all-natural wild caught coming out of the Gulf of Mexico.  Wild Gulf shrimp are a ‘good alternative’ according to the Monterrey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program and are sure to pack a lot of flavor without all of the treatment that the majority of the farmed shrimp contain.  Just ask Dominick Ficarino, a fourth generation shrimper and processor and owner of Dominick’s Seafood.  You might recognize his name or his boats from the History Channel hit television series Big Shrimpin’.  Dominick’s unloads, processes, and packages their shrimp onsite, ensuring that the shrimp that hit your plate are of the highest quality available.  Rocky Bosarge is happy to talk shrimp any day of the week and is very proud of their hands on production; they even got a name for the packaging machine, Big Bertha Baker.  The shrimp are harvested by trawl, processed, and quickly frozen to lock in freshness and flavor.  Wild Gulf shrimp are known for their firm texture and sweet, buttery flavor.  When shopping for shrimp, where and how they are harvested has jumbo importance.


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