Dewayne Hotard – Greater Amberjack


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Western Gulf of Mexico

Hook and Line

Dewayne Hotard

Greater Amberjack


Greater amberjack are members of the same family of fish that bring us hiramasa, hamachi, and kampachi, familiar names on most sushi bar menus.  However, while these three cousins are almost always farm raised, the greater amberjack is a wild option caught in Florida’s Apalachicola’s backyard.  Dewayne Hotard is captain of the vessel Sailfish and for a few months out of the year he is able to provide beautiful, high quality domestic amberjack to the U.S. market.  It’s a day-boat operation using the hook and line method, one of the most sustainable ways to fish, that produces dock to door fish with natural oils and a good fat content.  Greater amberjack is excellent for searing and serving rare and is a sustainable option to its more expensive farm raised cousins.  This small operation produces fish only briefly, mostly during the late winter months, so when you come across this tasty wild caught jack you shouldn’t hesitate to try it.  Just make sure that it’s caught by a guy like Captain Hotard, someone who brings them in one at a time, an effort that is reflected in the quality and flavor of the fish.