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Chincoteague Island, VA


Chincoteague Shellfish Farms



When you are in business for over 115 years it means you are doing something right.  Growing great clams in some of the best growing areas located right here in the Chesapeake Bay region is a sure fire way to stay around.  Chincoteague Shellfish Farms is a sustainable Aqua-Farm that produces a variety of shellfish and are most famous for their clams, which include buttons, littlenecks, middlenecks and greatnecks.  Each clam is distinguished by size, buttons being the smallest and greatnecks the largest.  Littlenecks are the most popular, they are about 1 inch across the hinge and are great for pastas or on the half shell.  Chincoteague Shellfish grows their clams in the same salty water that the wild clams flourish in, but unlike wild shellfish, these clams are cultured and rid of all the dirt and muck that comes with wild clams.  The clams you are being treated to are only a few days out of the water and have a great salty, shellfish-sweet flavor.  Aqua Farming is a sustainable way to feed a growing population, and keep in mind that shellfish farms actually benefit the Bay region by filtering water and improving water quality.  This is important for sea grasses and other desirable water plants that provide food and shelter for numerous other species.


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