Chincoteague Fisheries, Millington Seafood – Striped Bass


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Virginia, Delaware, New York, Massachusetts

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Chincoteague Fisheries, Millington Seafood

Striped Bass


North of Maryland they’re stripers.  South of the Mason-Dixon they’re called rockfish.  Marine biologist Tim Sugrue will tell you they are delicious by any name.  It’s interesting to note that the beautiful fish you are looking at was once so abundant in the Chesapeake Bay that it was used as fertilizer.  What a waste of great local fare.  Misuse caused stocks to collapse during the 1980’s, but intelligent management of the species has led to a complete turnaround and today the fishery is a sustainable one.  Striped Bass are managed by an Interstate Fishery Management Plan, which includes state-by-state quotas, size limits, gear restrictions, seasonal closures, and by-catch monitoring in order to protect the species.  During the summer months a large population of striped bass make their way north and enter tributaries and rivers to spawn.  During the summer months each state will open its season and end when the quota is reached, the bass season opens in Delaware in April, Virginia in May, Maryland in June and Massachusetts in July.  The fish before you comes from the stocks of these ocean run fish.  These bass tend to be on the larger size, presenting thick, meaty fillets.  Striped bass can reach weights up to 70lbs and live to be 30 years old, but due to size restrictions most commercially caught fish average 20-25lbs.  They are good sources of protein and selenium and offer a meaty flake and a mild, briny flavor.




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