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Chesapeake Bay


Rappahannock River Oyster Company



You can’t talk about Chesapeake Bay Oysters without talking about Travis and Ryan Croxton.  The cousins have positioned themselves as one of the best in the business by offering 5 different types of oysters, all sustainably grown and all with different flavor profiles.  Whether it’s a sweet Rappahannock, a well-balanced Sting Ray, a mild Barcat, Salty Olde Salt, or an ultra-briny Old Black Salt, the dynamic team has an oyster for every taste bud.  All of their oysters are grown off-bottom and are monitored and culled to retain consistency and quality.  Travis is quick to point out that it is a time of renaissance for the Bay oyster.  Once forgotten for more northern varieties, the Croxtons are now leading the way for other Bay area oystermen by increasing flavor complexity and shell quality of local oysters.  Travis smiles, “Now they are demanding our oysters in New York oyster bars.”  If you consider your self an ‘oysterphile’ or just a novice, then I recommend you take a trip to the farm and visit their tasting room Merroir.  The guys are always happy to educate, and at the farm, education never tasted so good.


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