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Canadian Maritimes


True North

Atlantic Salmon


There are many Atlantic Salmon farms throughout the world and it is easy to get lost in that mix as to which particular farm the salmon you are dining on came from.  Reel Traceability will simplify and clarify your dish for you; the salmon on your plate comes from the True North Salmon Company.  With several farms located in the cold, clean waters of the Canadian Northeast, True North believes in a 3-Bay Management system that allows for crop rotation and fallowing – resting areas between crops.  This allows for the organic renewal of sites so that they may return to their natural state.  True North feeds their salmon special pellets made from natural animal, plant, and fish proteins that contain no dyes, chemicals, or growth hormones.  The salmon are continuously monitored for disease prevention and are harvested to order, ensuring that you are getting the freshest product available.  True North salmon carries with it the Seafood Trust Eco Label, which identifies hatcheries, farms, and plants that have met and are continually working towards implementing standards of traceability, transparency, and sustainability.

True North Atlantic Salmon are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and have a buttery, delicate mouth feel and rich, natural flavor.


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