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Prince Edward Island Canada


Atlantic Aqua Farms

Blue Mussel


Frank Simon of Atlantic Aqua Farms will tell you that not all mussels are created equal.  His Blue Bay mussels may have a point.  Blue Bays are farmed at extremely low densities ensuring that each mussel has plenty of food and room to grow.  Each mussel grows plump with high meat yields and great ocean flavor.  Each harvest is tested for meat yield before shipping to ensure quality.  The company has several grow-out areas that allow for harvesting year round.  With state of the art equipment, each mussel is graded tightly for uniform size and no breakage – this allows for even cooking and even flavor.  You won’t find any marine fouling or byssal threads either; Blue Bays arrive “ready for your pot”.  The best part of this story though could be the environmental aspect; farmed Blue Bay mussels always receive the highest ranking on sustainable seafood lists.  Mussels are a healthy, environmentally friendly seafood choice and are not only affordable, but also delicious.


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