Jensen Tuna – Atlantic Yellowfin and Big Eye Tuna


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Gulf of Mexico


Jensen Tuna

Atlantic Yellowfin and Big Eye Tuna


The population of the Atlantic yellowfin and big eye tuna is considered at a sustainable level.  Hand-gear does not affect the surrounding habitat.  Specially designed hooks that are made to deter non-targeted species combat Longline by-catch.  Every boat has crewmembers that are trained to handle by-catch in a way that returns them safely back into the water.  Considering the problems associated with dining on Bluefin tuna, Atlantic Yellowfin and Big Eye Tuna is a deliciously conscientious decision.  The domestic fishery supports fishermen from Massachusetts to the Gulf of Mexico.  Jensen Tuna has people such as Captain Boui of the Miss Lena and Captain Ba of the Captain Mike fishing vessel harvesting domestic yellowfin and big eye tunas with an attention to getting high quality fish to market.  The tunas are bled, dressed, and then heavily iced to ensure that they cool down properly and retain their quality.  Each fish encounters several other grading procedures before it gets to the plate before you.  When eating fresh, domestically caught tuna from reliable sources such as Jensen, you are supporting fisheries that are working towards conserving and responsibly harvesting the Atlantic Tuna varieties.




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