Wester Ross – Atlantic Salmon


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Wester Ross, Scotland


Wester Ross

Atlantic Salmon


Four partners in Wester Ross, Scotland, Gilpin Bradley, Colin Milne, Hugh Richards, and David Robinson, have taken a new approach to raising salmon and it can be summed up in one word: harmony.   With their hands-on philosophy and low-stocking density practices they produce quality salmon in equilibrium with the surrounding environment.   The salmon are fed a special mixture with the bulk of the protein coming from fish trimmings off of fish that were harvested out of the North Atlantic.  No hormones or antibiotics are used in raising the salmon and each fish is tagged so harvest date and producer can be easily traced.  The feed ratio is less than 1:1, with no artificial coloring used.  The partners believe in hand-rearing the fish and that means someone is there every day feeding and monitoring the salmon.  All of this extra care adds up to create a healthy, natural tasting salmon and a happy, pristine environment.




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