Captain Kristinn Karason – Atlantic Cod


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Long Line, Trawl

Captain Kristinn Karason

Atlantic Cod


From Nova Scotia to Massachusetts large populations of cod were once found to number in the millions.  Today there is only a fraction of these fish left due to overfishing, but the Icelandic cod shines as a beacon of what is possible when the intensity of fishing is matched by a diligent commitment to conservation.  Icelandic cod are harvested responsibly by long line and trawl rigged boats such as the Duddi Gisla, operating in the cold waters off of Iceland.  Captain Kristinn Karason operates the Duddi Gisla as a day-boat and lands fish the same day that they are caught.  Fish arrives to the states only hours after catch.  The cod population in Iceland is thriving and these particular cod are a best choice or good alternative according to many sustainable seafood ratings.  It is also important to mention that they are MSC certified.  The fish arrive head off and gutted and most of the time still in rigor mortis – a sure sign of freshness.  The Icelandic cod fillet in front of you is cut from fish with exceptional quality and size – most fish are over 15lbs – giving you a remarkable, firm flake with a clean, starchy-sweet flavor.



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