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Arctic Char


About 15 years ago if you went into a U.S. fish market or seafood restaurant and asked for arctic char you most likely would have gotten a blank stare, followed by a fumbling attempt to offer a salmon or trout substitute.  These days you can’t walk into a respectable seafood joint that doesn’t at least carry the sustainable product from time to time.  Arctic char is a close relative to trout and salmon, but its flesh is somewhere in-between the two: richer than trout, sweeter than salmon.  Aquanor has been offering land-based, closed system raised char to the U.S. market for over 10 years now and its product has proven to be superior to any other farmed char available in the marketplace.  Aquanor char are fed natural, organic ingredients, with no antibiotics or chemicals used in the grow-out process.  Aquanor fish are a unique strain of saltwater char that are raised in a mixture of sand filtered Icelandic seawater, natural spring water, and geothermal water, maintaining a perfect temperature and ideal environment that mimics their natural environment.  The fish in front of you is an example of conscientious, sustainable farming with an emphasis on freshness, delectable texture, and natural flavor.