Greg Abrams Seafood – American Red Snapper


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Gulf of Mexico, U.S. Waters

Hook and Line

Greg Abrams Seafood

American Red Snapper


In 1990 Greg Abrams opened the doors to Abrams Seafood in Panama City, Florida, with a vision of offering the finest Florida Seafood to customers as far away as Maine.  He still verifies each order for quality coming off of local boats like the Daytona that dock right outside his warehouse.  The American red snapper in front of you was hand caught by hook and line and personally checked by the Greg Abrams Seafood Company.  American red snappers are considered the “Rolls Royce” of snappers due to their superior flavor and texture.  Often inferior snappers are passed off as true reds, but Abrams specializes in traceability and sustainability and ensures that their customers are getting the real thing.  The red snapper’s future was not always so bright.  In 2007 a stock-rebuilding program was instituted and the fishery was intentionally under-fished, allowing for the existing population to grow.  In the span of five years the population has flourished, so much so that Greg has reported that ‘you can’t drop a line in the water without pulling up a big snapper.’  The current quota has tripled since 2007 and it is important to note that the fishery is hook and line, making it one of the more sustainably harvested species with low by-catch and zero habitat damage.  Make sure you get the true American red snapper; the proof is in the delicious flavor and the meticulous care that goes into catching them.


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