Thursday, November 9

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Knuckle only – the most flavorful part of the lobster!!


$1.56 per ounce – perfect for lobster rolls. Packed in 2 lb. cryovac bags. 24 lb. cases.


Clarks Harbor Nova Scotia

10/20 Hokkaido SCALLOPS

$12.50 lb.

Healthy – Sustainable – Delicious

Hokkaido dry scallops are all-natural with no preservatives or additives. They sear up beautifully and have a sweet flavor and firm texture.

These scallops are harvested from the pristine waters off North Hokkaido Japan.

The fishery is MSC certified sustainable.


American Black Bowfin CAVIAR

American Black Bowfin Caviar is now trending as the ultimate wild American Caviar. This is a genuine Black Caviar derived from the Bowfin Fish from Louisiana. Commonly referred to as “Choupique Caviar” or “Cajun Caviar”.

It is highly regarded by connoisseurs for its intense earthy and distinctive flavor, with mild tang and hints of spice.

8 oz. containers normally $85…special this week $75 or $65


Tangier Island OYSTERS

$62.00/100 ct. bag

Tangiers are lovely and compact, the shell molded by the rhythm of the Chesapeake Bay. The form is stout and the meat tender. The flavor is gently saline with a finish that is clean and elemental.


Wild Ass Pony OYSTERS

Very salty and fat!

.54 cents each

Ocean City, MD


Malpeaque OYSTERS

Prince Edward Island, Canada

.59 cents each


Raspberry Point OYSTERS

Prince Edward Island, Canada

.98 cents each

Harvested from one of the most northern stocks of oysters in North America, these oysters take about 6 years to reach market size. This cold water growing area produces this beautiful 3 to 3½ inch oyster. They have a wonderful salty taste, clean flavor with a delightful sweet finish.


Chincoteague Cultured Salt OYSTER

Chincoteague, VA

.54 cents each


Sweet Jesus OYSTER

Grown in St. Mary’s County Maryland!

.64 cents each


38 Degree North OYSTERS

Point Lookout, Maryland

Easiest shucking oyster we sell!

.64 cents each


Great White OYSTERS

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

.79 cents each


Local Prime OYSTERS

Roaring Point – Naticoke River – Large 3.5-4″ oysters that are great for cooking, barbeque, etc.

.66 cents each


Spectacular quality jumbo GOLDEN TILE


Panama City, FL

$13.50 lb.


Alaskan HALIBUT fillets

Homer, AK

$14.95 lb.


Local Wild Chesapeake Bay ROCKFISH fillets


5/8 $12.95 lb.

2/4 $11.95 lb.

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