Weekend Fish Suggestions: Nov. 30

Weekend Fish Suggestions

Thursday, November 30


SALE!! Downeast Specialty Products LOBSTER MEAT

All Knuckle Meat $22.99/lb.

CKL Meat $23.95/lb.

CK Meat $25.75/lb.

Local hook & line ROCKFISH

5/8 fillets $12.50
8 up fillets $14.95

Point No Point, MD

Help save our native Chesapeake Bay species from this invasive Wild Blue CATFISH

$4.99 a pound for delicious white flaky fillet that employs local fisherman and puts much needed money into our rural communities.

Charlotte Hall, MD

Wild wonderful domestic Gulf WAHOO loins


Dulac, Louisiana

Wild New England MERLUZZA fillets (Hake)


Boston, MA

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