Sutchi Fresh from the Caribbean! $6.50 lb.

Caribbean Sutchi

Flown in fresh from the Caribbean

Special $6.50 lb. – Fresh, Delicious & Affordable

This fish is farmed in the pristine interior of Dominican Republic and raised in pure mountain spring water using natural bio-filtration and constant flow to keep the water clean, the fish density low and the fish happy. This is the reason for the mild, natural taste of the Caribbean Sutchi – it’s clean living!

Value Aquaculture has 26 biotope ponds for growing the Caribbean Sutchi. The fish are raised from egg to harvest in 8 short months on 100% vegetable feed diet (no fishmeal) as part of a multi-tropic bio-system that will produce passionfruit and tomatoes using the nutrient-rich waste water.

The feed used is all organic, and is produced locally from maize, rice and soy. The fish are raised all naturally with no anti-biotics or growth hormones.

This is the only fresh never frozen sutchi in the U.S. market – all other sutchi is frozen or previously frozen.

The firm texture and ideal oil content make it ideal for any culinary application.

The skinless and boneless fillets are packed in a 5lb. or 10lb. warehouse-ready insulated box that is 100% recyclable.” This is quite simply the most sustainably produced fish you will find anywhere!”

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Caribbean sutchi fillet cooked 4

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