NEW! Fresh Mediterranean Products

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ANCHOVIES (engraulis encrasicolus)

Deep fried or cured this is the real thing.

SARDINES (sardina pilchardus)

This is a genuine Mediterranean product.

PINK SHRIMP (parapenaus longirostris)

This shrimp is small and sweet. It is usually sauteed whole to be consumed in its entirety.

RED MULLET (mullus barbatus)

This is genuine Red Mullet.

CUTTLEFISH (sepia officianalis)

More flavorful than squid. Sashimi grade for any use.

MUSKY OCTOPUS (eledone moschata)

Moschardino or (Musky Octopus) is a small octopus. It is usually braised and served whole. It makes a beautiful presentation. This product is seldom seen fresh in the U.S.

All products from Greece must be ordered in advance!

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