Seafood Highlights

Copano Blues Shrimp: The Future of Shrimp Have you ever tried Copano Blues Shrimp? If you love your shrimp firm and with a clean, sweet flavor, you’ll love Copano Blues. These shrimp are farmed using innovative hi-tech farming methods that make them superior to other farmed shrimp, and could even give them the edge over Read More

25 Jan 2016

Blue Cats Are Back

The wild blue catfish has a “green” sustainable rating from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch List.  Wild blue cats are an invasive species in the     Chesapeake Bay. Native to the Ohio and Mississippi    River basins, introduced into the James River in the late 70’s, their population has exploded to an estimated 90 million fish! Read More

23 Jan 2016