Dave Simpson

Dave Simpson
Vice President Sales & Purchasing


Dave Simpson is a small-town boy from the Shenandoah Valley, and his wanderlust took him all over the world before he returned to settle down in Falls Church and spend his days as the vice president of sales and purchasing at Congressional Seafood.

The moment he graduated from high school, Dave was off to Greece, where attended college and began working at his first of many restaurant jobs. His travels took him all over Europe and to the Middle East before he returned to the U.S. to finish his degree in Middle Eastern Studies at George Washington University. Faced with the prospect of more time in the classroom to secure his graduate degree and a job at the State Department, Dave elected to break out of academia and make a career out of what had been merely a way to pay for college for him all these years – the food business.

Dave got in on the ground floor of aquacultured seafood in the 80s and began making his living selling sustainable seafood. Fighting a feeling that he wanted more control over the business, Dave eventually decided to break out on his own, and he founded Urban Seafood. Finding it difficult to manage the many aspects of the business, Dave eventually merged his company with the fledgling Congressional Seafood, creating the niche where he has been productive and happy for 15 years.

Like the others at Congressional, Dave wears many hats. Sales and purchasing in the fish industry is a moving target, and the players have to constantly reinvent themselves to stay successful. The continuing evolution of aquaculture, the sophistication of the Washington diner’s palate, the proliferation of cooking shows leading to a change in American perceptions of dinner – all these call for constant monitoring by suppliers. Not a man to sit back and be complacent, Dave thrives on the dynamic environment, and is himself an amateur chef.

When he is at home, Dave enjoys cooking and gardening, but whenever he gets the chance, he jets off to an exotic locale. His children, now graduated, seem to be following in his footsteps, traveling the globe and experiencing different cultures. Dave and his wife will miss them, but they are looking forward to having a reason to visit even more exotic locations.