Wild Blue Catfish
Blue Catfish is native to the Ohio and Mississippi river basins, but after being introduced to Virginia in the 1970s, it is now classed as an invasive species. And there is no better way to control this delicious invasive species than by eating it. Blue Catfish is a distinctive smooth-skinned fish that can grow up to as large as five feet in length. It is mainly found in fresh waters, and it is a popular recreational catch. It is also one of the tastiest catfish you will ever eat. Because it is wild rather than farmed, the flavor is richer and it has proven to be one of the most popular types of fish at restaurants up and down the East Coast. It is prepared in a variety of ways. Popular options include grilling and marinating in lemon, or baking it with herbs. Pan seared also tastes great. There really is no better way to help the local ecosystem by enjoying the ultimate in sustainable seafood. And because our Blue Catfish is served as fresh as it comes, you know that your guests will appreciate seeing it on your menu.