Snapper is loved all over the United States for its firm texture and sweet flavor, and with our commitment to quality and freshness you can guarantee that you're getting only the highest quality fresh snapper to serve up to your guests. We sell red snapper whole or cut into fillets that are ready for you to cook. This moist fish is available in a range of sizes so take your pick from our wide selection. Caught up to 200 meters below the waves, snapper is a real deep-sea specialty that no seafood lover ever gets tired of. A versatile fish, it is ideal for grilling but you can also bake it, steam it, or fry it in batter—everyone has their favorite technique. It has a subtle mild flavor that distinguishes it from other fish, and its great taste makes it a popular option on the menu of many top-quality restaurants throughout the region. Snapper is also an excellent source of calcium and iron, while being low in cholesterol and having no saturated fat—so not only is it tasty, but it's a healthy option too.