Delicious fresh scallops are always in high demand, whether they are sold processed or dry. As well as only selling the freshest scallops, we also provide sashimi grade for establishments that demand the highest quality available. Our wet or processed scallops are plump, moist, and delicious. These preserved scallops are a popular option for establishments throughout the region, and we have a large supply ready for whenever you need to make an order. Dry scallops are frozen immediately after catching to make sure they stay as fresh as possible. Wild, natural, and delicious, dry scallops boast a long shelf life and taste fantastic. We only sell 100% dry sea scallops without rinses or chemicals. These scallops turn a golden brown when cooked, and they taste exactly like fresh scallops should. Our sashimi grade scallops are the best quality you can get. Used by the top sushi chefs in the area, these scallops are tender and delicious. Top restaurants have the highest standards to maintain, and we help them to do just that by providing them with our sashimi grade scallops that are guaranteed to arrive fresh.