We sell both wild salmon caught in the icy waters of Alaska and farm-raised Atlantic salmon. Whichever option you choose, you can always be sure that it meets our strict quality standards. Only the freshest and most succulent salmon makes it from our facility to your establishment, and you can really taste the difference. Our wild Alaskan salmon is caught using sustainable fishing practices, which we are completely committed to maintaining. We sell a variety of salmon breeds, including King Salmon with its distinctive flavor that is popular in restaurants all over the area. This salmon is as wild as it gets, and you'll be able to tell from the flavor. Our farmed Atlantic salmon is available all year round. Fresh and delicious, this salmon is farmed in a sustainable way and the fish are selected for quality so you can enjoy the great flavor however you prepare it. Salmon is one of the healthiest fish, and it's also one of the most popular. High in protein and amino acid, rich in Omega-3s, and low in sodium, it is one of our most popular products.