We sell our oysters to top restaurants all over the area who know that only the freshest and highest quality oysters are good enough for their guests. With a range of oysters to choose from, we can provide you with exactly what you are looking for whenever you need to make an order. One of our most popular oysters is the Prince Edward Island Oyster (PEI). This world-famous oyster is known for its great fresh taste, making it a popular option in the finest bars and restaurants in the country. This Canadian oyster variety is harvested all year round so it is never in short supply, and your guests will thank you for choosing the freshest oysters when they enjoy one with a cold beer. We also sell the iconic Chesapeake Oyster, which is one of the most important species in the bay. These oysters help to clean the water and are essential to the local ecosystem. Our oysters are harvested from both Virginia and Maryland, and we only ever sell sustainable oysters to restaurants and stores in the area so that people can enjoy the best local seafood delicacies and support the community. Whether served up fried, baked, or raw, these local delicacies are always popular.