We have a 9-tier lobster tank that is kept fully stocked with live lobsters throughout the year. At any one time, there is always 10,000 pounds of lobster ready for sale. Our lobsters come in all available sizes from the smallest right up to 8-pounders and even larger, so you'll always find exactly what you need. We can fill any order for any spec six days a week, so you never need to worry about not having enough lobsters to keep your guests satisfied. Our lobsters are served in the finest premium restaurants throughout the region. Top chefs come to us because they know that they will always receive the best quality and the fairest prices, and they never have to wait for orders because we always have lobsters ready to go. Our premium lobsters are always delivered fresh and ready to cook. The tender sweet meat is a delicacy your guests will appreciate, and we make sure you always provide them with the best they can find.